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C3 Cup, also known as UEFA Europa Conference League, is a European football tournament that attracts extraordinary attention from the fan community. Although not as large as Cup C1, Cup C3 always attracts the participation of big teams. The 55bmw homepage will provide specific information.

Learn About C3 Cup

UEFA Europa Conference League is a tournament organized annually by UEFA for clubs that cannot participate in the Europa League and Champions League. This tournament, also known as Europa League 2 (UEL2), has been announced for the 2021 season.

The idea for this tournament originated in 2015, to create opportunities for teams from lower-ranked countries. UEFA planned to organize this tournament as a new opportunity for lower-level teams, expanding the competitive space and building momentum to develop European football.

Characteristics of Quantity and Standards

Number of Teams Participating

The size of the C3 Cup often fluctuates depending on many different factors. Typically, between 160 and 170 teams compete in the cup season. This number may vary according to UEFA regulations and qualifying results each year.

Participation Criteria

Professional club recognized by the national football federation.

Achieved good results in the national tournament last season and ranked high on the rankings.

Meet standards for the coaching staff and competition participation costs.

Be self-sufficient in food, drink and rest during the tournament.

These regulations help ensure quality and professionalism during the organization of the C3 Cup, creating a competitive and attractive playing field for European teams.

Time of C3 Cup

This tournament runs parallel to other tournaments and is usually held at dawn every Thursday, reflecting each region’s local time. The C3 Cup final is arranged one week before the Europa League final.

General rules


Clubs must register to participate in the tournament before the season starts. This regulation ensures professionalism and effective tournament organization.

C3 Cup Seeds

The quality of the club is determined based on results and rankings from the previous season. The seeding system helps ensure balance in dividing teams into rounds.

Elimination round, qualifying round

After the registration process, clubs undergo qualifying rounds to be officially eligible to participate in the C3 Cup.

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Group Stage

Divided into groups according to the first-leg format. The top team of each group and some of the second-placed teams will advance to the next round.

Inner Circle and Rear Circle

Teams that advance to the next round and next round will face each other to gain the right to participate in the knockout round.

Knockout Round

Teams continue to compete in the knockout round, using a knockout format to determine the winner of the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

These regulations ensure fairness and attractiveness for all participating clubs during the European Cup C3 competition.

Benefits of participating in c3 cup

Big Bonuses

The champion receives a large prize value that helps the club develop and invest in the squad and infrastructure. This often creates significant advancement for the team’s development.

Advertising Opportunities

The club’s image and brand introduction have enhanced its reputation in the media, both domestically and internationally.

Participation in the following season

The C3 Cup champion team has the right to participate in the next cup, opening up opportunities to interact and compete with the world’s top teams. This is a significant opportunity to test strengths and develop skills in an international context.

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